Crunchyroll Launches Live Manga Book Club

Crunchyroll announced today that they are launching a live manga book club with Crunchyroll’s own Tim Lyu! Tim Lyu’s Manga Club will be a weekly series where Tim will review manga and host a wider discussion. The show is slated to air each and every Thursday at 3 PM PDT / 6 PM EDT and will run for approximately one hour. 

Crunchyroll describes the show as follows:

Tim Lyu, the host of Crunchyroll and Some Guy sits down with his fellow Crunchy people and talk the talk about manga books that he likes and is reading. Please come along and listen to a man ramble about manga for a good 60 minutes or so…

The debut episode will feature  Vol. 1 with a new title for next week’s episode announced a the end of each show. Even though it is set to be announced, Crunchyroll announced that next week’s discussion will be for Delicious in Dungeon Vol. 2.

Crunchyroll describes Dungeon Meshi Vol. 1 as follows:

An RPG type world where adventures go into dungeons seeking riches and fame. Our hero, Laios loses his sister during a dungeon raid when a dragon eats her up. To rescue his sister and resurrect her, Laios and just 2 of his remaining party members go deep into the dungeon… But heres the catch… They have no money for food… SO what do they do? EAT MONSTERS OF COURSE. And so… the delicious journey down the dungeon begins!

To check out Tim Lyu’s Manga Club, head on over to Crunchyroll’s YouTube channel