Clandestine Progressive Volume 1: Origin Available Now

Clandestine Progressive Volume 1: Origin, an original English light novel by Morgan Lionheart, is available now! The book is part of a four-part series that consists of three volumes and a prequel volume. 

Morgan describes the story of Clandestine Progressive as follows:

Three-year old Kai’s life was changed forever when his home was attacked one fateful day.A shadowy figure stole everything from him until his saviour took him in and once again gave him a family. To this day, dreams of that tragedy plague him… Besides that he lives a pretty happy life with that woman and her daughter Himari. When he was fifteen years old his Foster mother brought him into the ranks of the V.H.A (Vampire Hinting Association) Their job, protect the humans from the supernaturals that try do them harm and protect those ones that simply want a better life.Now, he’s the best of the best, but secrets, lies and a new partner might take away everything they’ve built.

You can pick up Clandestine on a multitude of outlets including Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. 
Volume 1: Loyalty
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Volume 2: Origin
Volume Prequel: Makoto
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Volume 3: Misdirection
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