Access the secret retro boss encounters in Streets of Rage 4

While we all know that Streets of Rage 4 has a number of unlockable retro characters you can play with. Did you also know that there are also several secrets that will access retro boss fights as well? We’ll show you the four that we’ve found so far, and how to access them.

As a bonus, once you access a retro encounter, you’ll unlock the achievement “Discover a retro level”.

How to access the secrets

There are a number of retro boss encounters in Streets of Rage 4, however, you’ll need to find them. Thankfully, they’re easy to spot as they’re disgusted as the arcade cabinets that you’ll find scattered throughout the game. Of which, you can find these at the following levels.

Secret Retro Boss Fight 1 (Jack):  Stage 2 – Police Precinct. You’ll see the arcade machine as soon as you make it up the first vertical hallway. You’ll need to grab a taser from a police officer to access this. Once you have it, walk into the room and hit the machine with the taser.

Secret Retro Boss Fight 2 (Zamza): Stage 4 – Old Pier.  Right before you head down to the first showdown with Estel, you’ll be jumped by several police officers, two of which are holding a taser. In the building behind them will be several arcade machines, but only one that you’ll be able to break open to access the retro boss fight.

Secret Retro Boss Fight 3 (Abadede): Stage 5 – Underground. Once you make your way from the sewers, you’ll find yourself in a bar with an arcade machine. A nearby enemy will have a taser that you’ll need to access this the next retro boss fight. 

Secret Retro Boss Fight 4 (Mister X): Stage 8 – Art Gallery. Towards the end of the level, right before the boss, you’ll see an arcade machine surrounded by turkeys. Right below it, hidden by the foreground is a taser. Pick that up and use it on the arcade machine to access the final retro boss battle that we’ve found. Get ready for a rematch!

That’s all that I’ve found so far, but we’ll keep looking out for others. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our guide to unlock the retro playable characters and our review of Streets of Rage 4.