Wonder Woman 1984 Armor Poster

Wonder Woman 1984 Delayed Until August 14th

You can chalk up another movie as hit by the Coronavirus outbreak. Despite saying last week that the film was still going to hit its June 5th release date, Wonder Woman 1984 has now officially been delayed. Making it yet another major blockbuster that is delayed.

The irony though is that originally, Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to arrive in theaters last November, but WB and Patty Jenkins (director of the film) decided to push it to 2020 so that it could get the June timeslot. This (also ironically) worked out in Warner Bros favor because Joker came out last October and went onto make over a billion dollars because it had no serious competition for many weeks.

Thankfully, unlike films such as Black Widow, Patty Jenkins went onto Twitter to note when Wonder Woman will be in theaters…tentatively.

Whether this sticks or not is obviously up for debate. However, should things get better sooner rather than later, this release date could easily be moved up. No matter what though, this movie will be released in theaters.

What are your thoughts on the delaying of Wonder Woman 1984? Do you think that the two-month delay will be enough for things to get back to normal? Let me know in the comments below!