Will the Xbox Series X kill off the “I need to get to a save point” excuse?

Xbox Series X could stop us from using the excuse anymore

We’re all guilty of using the “I need to get to the save point” excuse when playing a game and suddenly being summoned by our parents, friends and even our spouses.

Heck, I used this excuse last week during a heated game of Nioh 2, when my wife demanded me to come to eat dinner. I mean, who has time to eat when there are hordes of demons breathing down your next. However, with the announcement of the Xbox Series X and its ability to save game states, which will be used to save game status’s when switching between apps. Does this mean Xbox Series X owners will lose that ability to use that excuse? It seems far-fetched, but if you think about it, it’s quite the reality.

This hit me last night while I was eating dinner, all while trying to figure out how I was going to get past the next boss. Then it struck me if the Xbox Series X can let me switch between games at a moment’s notice. Then surely this means all we have to do is load up and another game, while the current game gets saved to a save state. Which acts like a paused game that gets saved to the Xbox Series X harddrive.


Then when we return from whatever it was were doing, we can load up that game and theoretically, we should be right back at where we left. At least that’s what it sounds like to me. Still, we may need to say goodbye to our favorite way to steal more time with our favorite games. 

Or, we can simply choose to ignore that that option exists and don’t tell our loved ones. Then we can continue to keep the “I need to get to the save point” excuse alive for the foreseeable future.

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