We want to help those indie developers affected by COVID-19

Saying that it’s been rough out there due to several gaming shows and conventions being canceled is an understatement. We also know that this may be exceptionally hard on the Indie game developers who were banking on a number of these events to showcase their titles. With GDC, E3, BitSummit the 8th, all being canceled or postponed, it can mean little to no exposure for those studios. COVID-19 is doing a number on not just the gaming industry, but everywhere else as well. However, we at The Outerhaven recognize this and we want to help you!

How can we help you?

We happen to love Indie games and we’ll do what we can to help you get exposure. As such, we’ll help provide that exposure by letting us talk about your game. This will be your soapbox moment to hype up your game as much as possible. Your game, your moment to shine, and we’ll happily help you get the word out.

Just send us an email with the following:

Your Name:
Company/Studio Name:
Name of the Game:
2-3 Paragraphs regarding what we can expect from this game, as well as which platforms it is in development for.

If you’d like, we can record a segment for our gaming podcast, or have you come on during a live show. Whatever works out best for you.

Should you have any questions or want to do something else, let’s talk it out and see how we can help you. We’re completely serious!