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Vic’s Lab Offers Original English Light Novels for $0.99

In an effort to help provide some affordable entertainment to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vic’s Lab is offering Kindle versions of some original English light novels for $0.99. The following books are on sale:

Alpha Squad – Vecto: Vengeance + Voyage
Author: Reid Kemper

Vecto: Vengeance
An obsessed robot, lightning-fast cyborg, armored ex-military commander, sword-wielding teenage thief, sniper/assassin, martial arts master/farmer, and others cross paths in this action-packed story about a sentient robot named Vecto who goes on a vengeful search for a longtime nemesis. But as Vecto’s actions turn drastic, will he become a hero or a villain?

Vecto: Voyage
A dark, militaristic planet—home to Gyro’s widow. A technologically advanced carbon ice planet—home to Vecto’s creator. A desolate Earth with intense gravity—home to former A.S. member Shadow and the Nagorian ninjas. None of these planets are Zendora, a world sought by Vecto, whose patience is wearing thin. If he finds Zendora, he’ll find his nemesis Morphaal. But something sinister is stirring on the Corona ship Vecto journeys on, something he can no longer ignore. Will he finally meet his match?


Fire Princess and the Outcasts
Author: Luis Aleman

This book is the winner of a light novel contest voted on by members of

When a bounty mission takes an unexpected turn, it brings three girls together on a journey. The runaway princess with fiery red hair, Rosella, and her loyal former servant, Anneth, have escaped from their home to make there own place in the world. Backed into a corner by former mercenary Morvon, the pair of bounty hunters take in a talented young elf named Gertrude who’s always wished to travel.

With a staggering bounty on the princess’ head, though, the girls soon learn that not every smiling soul has good intentions for them. Even worse, the royal family doesn’t seem to care if Rosella is returned to them all in one piece or not. Luckily, a chance meeting with an otherworldly man named Hudson may steer all the girls’ paths into a different direction then they could have ever foreseen.

The fire princess and her group of outcasts just want to find their place in the world. The only problem is, those around them don’t want to let that happen. Can these travelers use their differences to survive and find their place in the world or will they be killed by bloodthirsty head hunters before that can happen?


Omega: Volume 1: Destiny Awaken
Author: Jougo Chihaya

Luke Adimari is a boy who lost his family at a young age, with little more than the last words of his mother and the mysterious powers of his father left to him. He begins a new chapter of his life as a high school student in Alexander Academy, a school that promotes coexistence in a world where supernatural beings and humans live side-by-side.

However, not all people are in favor of sharing the same world. An age-long war caused by a human nation known as the Grigori, still rages. They enslave and murder supernaturals for their own ends using their corrupted army of powerful beings.

When their warpath leads them to Alexander Academy, Luke finds himself caught in the fray. If he and his friends wish to survive, they must unite to protect each other and the life they began to make.


Restart ∞ Days
Author: s0rahana

The 8th Day. It is when God creates the imaginary world “Fictional Reality.” It is considered to be the place where the dead ends up at.

On every 8th day, all humans are given a chance to retrieve someone from “Fictional Reality” and return that life to Earth. However, the trials aren’t simple. Six people, consisting of two representatives from the past, the present, and the future, are gathered together to start the “Imaginary War.” They must accomplish every given tasks, and only one person, the victor, will earn the chance to [Save].


Sword Quest of Enigmatic Souls: Vol. 1: Takanova
Author: Alex Theriot

For twenty years, the island states of Molovar have been walled off from the world of Dirac by the great Mist Dome, a thick fog that appeared on the mysterious “Day Left in Grey.” Within the dome, the different cultures began turning on each other, in a fight for supremacy of their caged world.

On the island of Takanova, the proud Teutons are reaching their limits in the fight against the practiced Wolverine Army, and desperately hope for one of their budding youths to become the next ‘Heir to the Sword’, a knight who will uphold the Teuton’s will to protect their land.

Cedric, a troubled teen who happens to be the most highly touted candidate, has always dreamed of being a knight. With his chance at glory ahead of him, the enigmatic boy must face the world head on in a quest to find himself and end the war, while discovering the world’s secrets hidden throughout the dome.


The Everlasting: Vol. 1: Eye of the Wise
Author: Biako

The Everlasting—a title given to those who’ve reached a state closest to godhood. This honor is a dream to all novice mages and warriors.

After the Age of War ended, the majestic city of Alsa was one of the few cities that remained. In that city lies the best school of magic, Albion, an academic school that has educated the strongest leaders of the current age.

Our story begins with Asura Shirogami, an orphaned sixteen-year-old boy trained in warrior arts who transfers to Albion. Having no friends and an embarrassing first day, Asura must adapt to his new life and learn magic. With no knowledge of magic spells, he unknowingly gets entangled in a school competition where the whole campus is the battlefield. What starts as an intense battle between classmates turns deadly as a powerful intruder interferes.


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