Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul:re Vol. 15 Review

Title: Tokyo Ghoul:re Vol. 15
Author: Sui Ishida
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Genre: Fantasy, Battle
Publication Date: February 18, 2020

The Story

Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume fifteen continues the search for Kaneki after he transformed into a massive infrastructure of ghoulness… that’s probably the best I could describe it! His new form has taken hold of the entire city and all of its wards. The Ghouls and the CCG work together to locate Kaneki which is ultimately done by Touka. After extracting Kaneki, the main core of the infrastructure self-destructs but the other wards remain active.

Suddenly, everyone becomes a ghoul when RC Cells are transmitted through the air. Lots of people are in jeopardy because their RC cell count is insanely high. Even Yonebashi and Urie succumb to it with the former getting the worst of it. Meanwhile, Kaneki seems to have awakened new powers and is immune to the RC Cell exposure.

This will be handy since Furuta is making his move. The final battle is drawing near!

After volume after volume of fighting and action, we finally get a chance to breathe and absorb the story which is, obviously, heading to its conclusion seeing how the next volume is the last. This is, honestly, when Tokyo Ghoul is at its best as the fights were always a mess, even though Ishida did get better with them towards the end of the series. Still, with Furuta executing his plan, the battle in the next volume is going to be glorious but thanks to Kaneki’s power-up and main character plot armor, it’s pretty obvious who is going to win that fight.

There were some great character development points here as things begin to wrap up so let’s jump in and take a look.


We received an entire chapter dedicated to Kaneki and Rize! While Kaneki was asleep inside of the infrastructure, he entered his mind where he envisioned himself stuck in a Japanese-style house with gates leading out into the ocean. He tried to swim away but noticed dead bodies in the water below him. Rize appears and asks Kaneki what he wants. He goes through a bit of self-reflection before finding his answer after he realizes that Rize is right in the fact that he’s becoming a dictator in order to achieve his goals of humans and ghouls living together. Even though Kaneki realizes what must be done, the question of whether or not he can do it remains at large!

Even though it took some beating and good old-fashioned love vibes, Mutsuki is finally done being an emo edgelord. He (technically she) reverts back to his old self and decides to aid his fellow Quinx squad members. Good to see Mutsuki back to being himself even if all of the pain he experienced isn’t completely gone. He’s finding his own strength to move forward and since we’re this close to the end, this is probably the final character development we’ll see for him.

Final Thoughts

I do have to say that I found Furuta’s “interviewer” scene absolutely hilarious. The way he had been presented this whole time, it just fits his character perfectly! Still, with Kaneki’s new power-up, it’s pretty obvious who is going to win that final battle but it should still be a joy to witness. I’m expecting Ishida to go all out but I only hope and pray that he fixates on the battle and doesn’t interrupt it with scenes of other fights that may end up happening. We’ll see, though.

In any event, I can’t wait to see the conclusion of this series which is coming very soon!

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This item was provided for review by VIZ Media