450 Wrestling Podcast

The 450 Wrestling Podcast – Episode 35 – The Fallout Of Counterprogramming

The 450 Wrestling is back and it’s been a VERY interesting of wrestling, and that doesn’t exactly mean it was all good!

First up, the guys “discuss” Raw and Smackdown. Todd is impressed with a few things that Raw did, but is also disgusted by certain other things, including the treatment of Ricochet! And as JJ notes, Smackdown’s NWO segment was definitely not “Too Sweet”.

Then, the guys move onto AEW and NXT. AEW had a big lead-in thanks to their Revolution event, but did they capitalize on their momentum? You might be surprised at what they say, especially about the return fo Jake the Snake Roberts! As for NXT, they had the card that could’ve dominated the night, but did it? And if not, what went wrong?

Finally, the guys talk about all the news of the week, including the debut combatants of Blood and Guts on AEW, WWE Backstage continuing to bomb, Matt Hardy’s time in WWE, and more! 

So get into the ring and jump in on the action with the 450 Wrestling Podcast!