Talking Magic: Legends with Adam Hetenyi – PAX East 2020 Interview

During PAX East 2020, we paid a visit to the Magic Legends booth, where we had the chance to interview the Principal Lead Designer, Adam Hetenyi. As part of this interview, we talked about our hands-on with the game, what Cryptic Studios has planned and more.

You can also check out ours hands-on with Magic: Legends article here. As someone who has never played Magic: The Gathering or had no interest in the IP, I feel in love with the game. The Action RPG not only has solid bones, but it pulls from the entire Magic universe and Cryptic Studios has done a great job so far. And this game isn’t even remotely finished.


Magic: Legends is currently in development, and isn’t slated to be released until 2021. A beta is planned for during May 2020 and you can sign up to get access to that beta here. Plans for the beta include access to two of the five regions from the full game. Though this depends on far the development of the game is when the beta takes place.

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