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Pro VR Gear Oculus Rift S Break-out Cable Review

I needed a solution to easily connect my Rift S headset to my PC, as well as disconnecting it. Reaching behind the PC doesn’t seem like a chore, and it isn’t. But when you do it so often and you can’t see, you don’t want to risk damaging your gear. So what are you to do? Well, for this instance, I reached out to the folks at Pro VR Gear and picked up their Oculus Rift Break Out Cable.

Name: Pro VR Gear Oculus Rift Break Out Cable 
Manufacturer: Pro VR Gear
Price: $45.00

Seeing how I have fallen down the magical rabbit hole that is Virtual Reality, I found my self with two concerns. The first being that whenever I needed to disconnect my headset, I had to reach behind the PC and pull out the cables. Which also meant I’d have to do the same thing in reverse to connect it. All of which got old fast. And seeing how I didn’t have access to a 3D printer to make my own breakout box, I did the next best thing; went searching on the internet for a breakout cable. Thankfully, the company known as Pro VR Gear had just what I was looking for.

Pro VR Gear Oculus Rift S break-out cable-02

After checking out their website, I purchased a 10ft Oculus Rift S VR break-out cable for $45, plus shipping. Needless to say, after having the cable delivered that is changed my VR experience for the better. Sure, I could have easily picked up a DisplayPort and USB extension cable for less. However, I’d have to do some extra work such as sheathing or wrapping the wires together. With the Pro VR Gear cable, all that work is done for me. 

For the price, you get a 10ft cable, wrapped in a black and red sheathing, with about a 1ft of the cable splitting off so you can connect it to the proper port. Outside of that, there’s not much to say about the cable. Performance-wise, I didn’t experience any degradation or signal loss. Meaning it worked as expected, so it’s a win. There’s not much to say about this, other than it is a quality cable and it fills a need (should you have one).

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The only negative thing about the cable and this is more of a preference than a knock with the cable is with DisplayPort and USB quick connect. It appears to be enclosed with heat wrap tubing, and it is very neat and looks presentative. I would have rather it had a flat surface for easy mounting or placement. For now, I have my cable attached to the side of my PC case with some strong double-sided tape and it does the job. Now, that’s just me, and your placement needs may vary.

For those who recently picked up an Oculus Rift S or are thinking about it and you need an option to extend your cable. I’d keep the Pro VR Gear Break-out cable in mind. Yes, it is a bit more experience but you get a cable that not only looks good gives you some extra length and all in one neat package.

The Outerhaven Badge Of Recommendation

Pro VR Gear Oculus Rift S Break-out Cable


While this is just a cable, it fills a void of necessary accessories, such as official break-out cables that aren’t offered by Facebook Oculus. For the price, not only are you getting a 10ft quality cable, but this also helps enhance your VR experience by allowing to you quickly connect/disconnect your headset. As well as providing you with an extension in case the attached DisplayPort and USB cables are too short for your liking.