Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 3

Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 3 Shows Bond Of Hop and Wooloo

The Pokemon Sword and Shield games pushed the Pokemon franchise in very positive directions via its titles, and Pokemon Twilight Wings you could argue pushes the anime franchise forward as well. The first two episodes told very powerful stories set in the Galar region, and now, the third episode has come, and it delves into an underdeveloped part of the Sword/Shield lore.

Specifically, the episode focuses on the relationship between Hop (the Champion Leon’s younger brother) and his Wooloo. In the games, Hop almost always uses Wooloo first, which was very questionable in the eyes of gamers (including yours truly), but here, we see the bond between them in a way the games never showed.

We also get to see more of the drive that Hop has to be champion, and how that affects his Pokemon, it’s definitely worth a look. And the end credits tease a popular Gym Leader will be the focus the next time around.