Panzer Paladin Interview

PAX East 2020: Panzer Paladin Interview with Tribute Games Lead Animator Justin Cyr

During our PAX East 2020 coverage, we paid a visit to the Panzer Paladin booth, which is an upcoming retro gaming title that borrows elements from a number of classic games. Not only did we get a chance to try out the game, but we also were able to speak with the lead animator of the title, Justin Cyr.

So enjoy this fun-filled interview, as Justin and I, as we talk about both Panzer Paladin and the games that inspired it. Panzer Paladin will be released shortly for both the Nintendo Switch and PC. Speaking of which, the Steam page for the game is now live.

Also, if you fancy from footage from the PAX East 2020 Panzer Paladin demo, then look no further.