As part of The Outerhaven’s PAX East 2020 coverage, we stopped by the 30xx booth and spoke with an old friend of ours, Chris King from Batterystaple Games. Who is currently working on 30xx, a follow-up to 20xx. For those who’ve never heard of 20xx, first of where why haven’t you? Secondly, 20xx is a roguelike action platformer with procedurally generated levels (to an extent), tons of power-ups and is a replacement for Capcom’s forgotten Mega Man X series. Seriously, go play it.

During this time we spoke about the improvements that are being made in 30xx, the reception of the game during PAX East, as well as how large the Batterystaple Games team has become since 20xx. Lots of interesting info and it’s always nice to catch up with a friend.


While there isn’t a release date for 30xx as of yet, you can head over to Steam and wishlist the game now.

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