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Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase Highlights Exit The Gungeon And More!

Nintendo has been working hard since the Wii to get indie game companies to come onto their system, but with the rise of the Nintendo Switch, that collaboration has never been stronger. Which can be proven via their Indie World Showcases, the latest of which debuted today.

The latest show featured many indie titles, including several that are going to be Switch-First Console Exclusives. As with many indie games, there are several styles and genres for you to look forward to. Such as the platforming action game Blue Fire, which made its world premiere in the showcase.

Or, there Summer in Mara, where you are able to build, farm, explore, help others, and unravel mysteries of the island you are on. There is also the mysterious new game from Hello Games known as “The Last Campfire” where you are on a mission to get home after getting lost in a strange place.

Baldo is an action-adventure RPG title that resembles an anime, I Am Dead is a mystery perspective game where you have to search an island for its ancient past in order to save its future.

The biggest announcements of the Indie World showcase though may be that Blair Witch is coming to the Switch, as well as Exit The Gungeon, the sequel to the hit game Enter The Gungeon. The title is coming to Switch later today.

You can watch the full showcase below.