HP New VR Reverb G2 headset frontal image

Next-gen HP VR Reverb G2 headset in the works, developed with Valve and Microsoft

Looks like the VR scene is about to get another player, as HP  has announced they are working on a new VR headset, called the Reverb G2 headset.

The Reverb G2 looks to be a collaboration from not just HP Omen, but also Microsoft and Valve. Which wouldn’t be the first time that Valve has done something similar, despite having their own headset with the “Index”, they also worked with HTC when they were developing the “Vive”. This would also be the successor to the original HP Reverb headset, that was amazing when it was released, and to many, it was the sweet spot of VR. 

Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, the next gen HP VR headset delivers a more immersive, comfortable and compatible experience than the  previous generation. It’s the new standard in VR.

According to HP, this new headset will be a “No Compromises” device, though I’m not entirely sure what that means just yet. Seeing how both Microsoft and Valve are onboard, this will also support Steam VR and Windows Mixed Reality VR systems. 

As the headset was just announced, the details of the headset, including the specifications haven’t been released as of yet. You can sign up for a barrage of updates regarding the Reverb by going to the Reverb website.

Room for one more in the VR headset scene? Absolutely and we look forward to seeing what HP has in store with the Reverb G2.