Paper Mario

New Paper Mario Title Coming In 2020?

The Paper Mario franchise as a whole is one of the more curious entries in the Nintendo library. It is the spiritual successor to the popular Super Mario RPG game on the SNES, and it was very popular on the N64 despite the paper aesthetic. Then, when Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door came out, it was praised as one of the best RPGs ever. Then…things took a turn.

Super Paper Mario on the Wii was solid, but very different from the RPG aesthetic that had been laid down before. Sticker Star on the 3DS was a DRASTICALLY different system that fans didn’t like, and Paper Jam along with Color Splash didn’t help things. Fans wanted a new and pure Paper Mario game, and apparently, we might get one. As Eurogamer is reporting that Nintendo has plans for a new game in the Paper Mario franchise to be released on Nintendo Switch this year.

Obviously, Nintendo has not confirmed this, nor have they confirmed that the game will be like the original title or Thousand-Year Door, but if they listen to what the fans want, that’s what they’ll deliver.

Apparently this is one of a slew of Mario titles and remasters that is aiming to release in the year 2020 as a part of the Super Mario 35th year anniversary.