Hulu + Live TV service now available for PlayStation 4

When Sony’s own live TV service, PlayStation Vue, was shut down earlier this year. It left PlayStation owners without a means to watch any sort of TV service. Sure, you have several streaming services, however, PlayStation Vue provided access to live shows and events. Adding insult to injury, Google’s YouTube TV isn’t available for the PlayStation, but has been for some time on the Xbox One. Well, as of today there’s an alternative to now dead PS Vue, Hulu’s+ Live TV.

Hulu + Live includes over 60 channels, including popular networks such as Cartoon Network, NBC, SyFy, CBS and more. The service will run you $54.99 for the basic package. However, if you want other channels such as HBO, Starz, or other premium channels, you’ll have to fork up some more money. Which will add up quickly, as HBO is priced at $14.99, Starz at $8.99, so if you want those channels, expect your monthly bill to be slightly more expensive. You can sign up for Hulu + Live TV for the PS4,  here.

Also, Hulu + will let you watch TV on as well as many TVs as you have in your home while allowing up to 3 screens when you on the go. Meaning your smart devices or computer when away from home. Cloud DVR is also provided and will let you store up to 200 hours of recorded content, with the ability to fast forward through commercials.

So if you were one of the thousands who used PlayStation Vue on your PS4, Hulu + Live TV is your replacement.