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Get ready for the PlayStation 5 livestream event on March 18, 2020

Xbox shot went first, now here comes PlayStation

Remember when both Microsoft and Sony were at E3? Both gaming giants were ready to go stage to announce their upcoming gaming consoles, yet there was some confusion as to who would go first? We all saw what happened when Microsoft when first with the Xbox One, with Sony announcing the PlayStation 4, and stealing the show. This is what Sony PlayStation’s recent announcement of their PlayStation 5 Livestream feels like. Which will take place two days after Microsoft released its Xbox Series X specs, abilities and possible advantages to the world?

Yep, Sony has announced that they plan on talking about the PlayStation 5 in-depth, with Mark Cerny leading the charge. I have to say, while Mark’s talks are super technical and some may find them boring. I eat that technical jargon up like my hunger can’t be fulfilled. Seeing how this is all about the PS5, I expect this to be delightful. Sony must be very confident about the PlayStation 5, by showing it off shortly after the Xbox Series X info dump.

You’ll be able to catch this Livestream tomorrow, March 18, 2020, at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST on

Notice how the announcement states “deep dive into PS5’s system architecture”? I’m sure Sony had planned this for a while and were waiting for Microsoft to make their play with the Xbox Series X. Now, it’s Sony’s turn and I hope that we get just about the same information from them as we got from Microsoft. Or possibly more, as Sony has been quiet about their upcoming next-gen console.

What do I hope we hear about? Everything, if I’m being honest. I want to know how much memory the console will have, CPU thread count, GPU, and its abilities. Hard drive size and speeds (reads and writes), expansion storage, the updated DualShock controller. Showing off the console in action, as Microsoft did would also be nice.

I also would love to know a damned price. If there’s one thing I hated about Microsoft’s news drop from March 16, 2020, there was zero mention of a price. Which to me is the biggest piece of info that either company can share. Let’s face it, we’re all not made out of money. So we need to know how much these beasts are going to cost and if we need to start selling our organs to save up enough to purchase either of them (or both).

If anything, this is a well-played game on Sony’s part. Now we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see if the PS5 does outshine Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. If it does, does it matter? In the end, I just want to play the games and I could care less on what platform that’s going to be on.