Fastest way to complete the Destiny 2 Warmind SMG Runner daily bounty

Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy is here and with it comes new bounties that Guardians will need to repeat to gain access to some powerful gear. This time we’re helping the Warmind Rasputin rebuild himself and to do that, there are several bounties you’ll be working on. This guide is for those who want to knock out the quests dealing with the Warmind SMG Runner bounty.

One of the many Rasputin bounties found in Destiny 2 will task you with gunning down 50 enemies with an SMG. However, with so many others also competing for the same bounty, it makes it difficult to get this handled in a quick manner. Not to worry, we’ve got the perfect place to knock out this bounty without anyone else getting in your way.

Head over to the Tangled Shore

Desting 2 - Farming Guides - Season of the Worthy Warmind SMG Runner map

Head over to the Tangled Shore spawn and head straight to the Kingship Dock lost sector. Head up and over to the encounter area and take out your favorite SMG. This area is phased for just you and if you do it correctly, you’ll spawn 25-30 mobs per run.  The first time you head in, take down every enemy you see and then fight the named boss. When you do enough damage, he will spawn more mobs. Focus on getting those out of the way, then get back on the boss. He’ll do it again, so make sure you take down the new summoned adds then get back on the boss again. This time kill him, then leave the area.

Get back to the air left area and the instance name will change as soon as you go out the door. Then turn around and head back to the encounter area. Repeat the steps above and you’ll have killed 50 enemies in less than 5 minutes. Pretty easy stuff.

Check out our playthrough of this bounty below.

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