Hell is knocking at your door

The time is nearly upon us to take up our Super Shotguns, chainsaws and other equally gory implements of death in order to squash the demon menace and push them off of Earth.

Can you tell I’m excited yet? The release date for Doom Eternal Worldwide is March 20th which is only 2 days away now, if you’re eager to hop on at midnight to get tearing straight away you can pre-load the game now on PS4 if you pre-ordered a digital copy of Doom Eternal. Xbox owners have been able to pre-load the game since March 11th, so if you haven’t done so yet be sure to get that done before it fully releases.

Additionally, if you pre-ordered the Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition you can download Doom 64 as well, but it doesn’t unlock until March 20, 2020.


If you simply cannot wait to play and you live in the UK you can play Doom right now by picking it up from UK game retailer Game and additionally If you live in the Netherlands you can also pick up Doom today at Game Mania stores. Both retailers have been given the go-ahead by Bethesda to sell early which is most likely due to a certain virus circulating the globe right now so get in while you can or wait for the digital release. While I can understand that excitement can get the better of people please ensure that if you are venturing outside into a public place be sure to keep safe.

Doom Eternal unlocks at midnight in your time zone on March 20th for PS4, Xbox and Steam (Bethesda account required). Doom Eternal boasts the ability to upscale to 1800p 60FPS to 4K on UHDTVs for the Xbox One X and 1440p 60FPS to 2160p on the PS4 Pro so you’ll be able to see demon viscera in all its gory glory. Owners of the base version of the PS4 and Xbox One need not worry as Doom runs at a smooth 60FPS for both with native 1080p for PS4 and 1080p upscaled from 900p for the Xbox One and Xbox One S. All versions will support HDR.

Look for some gameplay from The Outerhaven once we finally get our hands on the game.


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