Crunchyroll Unveils Trailer for Upcoming Tower of God Anime

Earlier, it was announced that SIU’s Tower of God manhwa would be added to Crunchyroll’s original anime slate. Today, Crunchyroll shared a promotional video which introduces us to some of the characters in the upcoming anime!

Crunchyroll describes Tower of God as follows:

A Crunchyroll and WEBTOON Production, based on the comic series “Tower of God” created by SIU and published by WEBTOON, this dark fantasy action series centers on the journey of a young man as he battles his way through the mysterious Tower, building friendships, discovering the rules that govern this tower, and facing unimaginable terrors, as he strives to find the only friend he’s ever known. 

The cast for Tower of God was listed by Crunchyroll as follows:

  • KHUN AGUERO AGNES – voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto 
  • RAK WRAITHRAISER – voiced by Kenta Miyake
  • YURI JAHAD – voiced by Mariko Honda
  • ANAAK JAHAD – voiced by Akira Sekine
  • ENDORSI JAHAD – voiced by Rie Suegara
  • HATZ – voiced by Toshinari Fukamachi
  • SHIBISU – voiced by Takuya Eguchi
  • EVAN EDROCH – voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu

Tower of God is set to premiere exclusively on Crunchyroll starting April 1. Check out the promotional video below: