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Combo Breaker 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19 health concerns

Sadly, more gaming events have been canceled, with the addition of the popular Fighting Game event, Combo Breaker also canceling its event. 

The COMBO BREAKER team is gutted to announce that, following government guidance and our own judgment regarding COVID-19, COMBO BREAKER 2020 is cancelled. We recognize the significant impact this decision has on our attendees, partners, sponsors, staff, venue, and community, but believe it is currently the only move to make. May we collectively make it through this difficult time as passionately as when we all began.

The next wave of COMBO BREAKER promotions was all set to launch this week, including a kickoff announcement that COMBO BREAKER 2020 would once again be powered by ASTRO Gaming. COMBO BREAKER’s ongoing partnership with ASTRO played a big part of how we were able to secure the Schaumburg Convention Center as our venue this year. Our team deeply appreciates ASTRO’s commitment to helping us bring our attendees the best competitive experience possible. Please look forward to COMBO BREAKER 2021 powered by ASTRO next year.

Due to the cancelation, the Combo Breaker management team will be refunding everyone who signed up and paid to enter the event. 

Our team will be processing Competitor and Community Pass refunds for ALL registrants beginning April 20, 2020. Please note that refunds will not include Village of Schaumburg or Cook County taxing fees, as these fees are nonrefundable without individual claim letters delivered by each registrant to the local governments.

For anyone who secured a room at the Schaumburg Renaissance Marriott (our host hotel), your room has been automatically transferred to COMBO BREAKER 2021 so that you do not have to battle the room rush again. However, you also have the option to call the hotel directly and request your room reservation be cancelled. Your deposit will be returned in full should you choose cancellation. The Schaumburg Renaissance Marriott will be able to take your calls starting Friday, April 3, 2020.

As for travel plans, we have seen reports of many airlines providing cancellation options and/or rebooking opportunities for later dates worldwide. If you booked airfare, we urge you to look into your airlines’ specific offerings in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You may be able to recoup your ticket fee or move it to another fighting game event later this year.

When we announced on January 14, 2020 that COMBO BREAKER 2020 would take place at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, we were committed to doing whatever it took to make COMBO BREAKER happen this year. That initial announcement came four difficult weeks after the revelation that Pheasant Run Resort, COMBO BREAKER’s previous venue, was closing down, making our traditional trailer reveal date of December 20th impossible. The rapid-fire event development necessitated by this late venue change looked like it would be the most challenging obstacle COMBO BREAKER would face in bringing a 2020 event to life.

Unfortunately, the ongoing threat of COVID-19 has proven to be not just a significantly greater obstacle, but an unassailable impasse. Our entire event team is crestfallen. That said, we remain committed to bringing you more COMBO BREAKER events in the future.

All in together now, ‘til it breaks. No Coast, No Kings.

It really stinks to see this popular event is forced to cancel, but it’s for the best. Our health is important and unlike some of our favorite video games, we don’t get a do-over. Canceling Combo Breaker was the right call that the management team could have made. Now, you have to wonder when we’ll see or hear the announcement for another popular event, EVO 2020 and if/when they plan on canceling the event. Or, if they don’t, how many people will actually attend, or for that matter be allowed to attend. 

For more information regarding the cancelation, please head over to the Combo Breaker website, here.

For those wondering why not just host the event online, there’s a number of reasons why this isn’t possible. Not only are a majority of games played on the PS4 and PC, so that causes problems. Toss in problems with games that don’t have the best netcode. Factor in latency issues, the possibility of cheating (having someone else play for you or using banned arcade sticks/controllers). Not to mention simply being able to manage an event of this scale, it simply wouldn’t be possible.

Damn, Combo Breaker had some heated matches last year, as included by the Marvel vs Capcom 2 Top 8, which we’ve posted below. This one hurts.

Source: Combo Breaker website