Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale Gameplayed Leaked Early

Youtuber Chaos has accidentally leaked the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale mode, called Warzone. 

Based on the intro of the video, Chaos was invited to an event by developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision to try the game early and supposedly, upload a video of his impressions after an official reveal. Unfortunately, his video dropped early. 

Here’s everything we know according to the video: 

  • Warzone is Free-to-Play. You do not need to own Modern Warfare
  • There are two game modes. The “Plunder” mode is mentioned but not included in his first impressions. 
  • You can play in Solos, Duos, and Trios
  • Up to 150 players can play at the same time, possibly up to 200
  • It will be cross-platform 
  • Classic maps are included
  • It will supposedly launch sometime soon 
  • There are “buy stations” around the map where you can buy kill streaks and “respawn tokens”
  • Players start with a pistol
  • There are vehicles
  • You can ping locations and items
  • Killed players are sent to the Gulag where they can fight other killed players for a chance to come back to life. Teammates can support from a spectator section by throwing rocks.
  • Armor pickups are automatically equipped
  • Various easter eggs from past Call of Duty games 

Chaos also described the map as massive and the gameplay as very fast-paced compared to other battle royales, including Blackout from Black Ops 4.

Check out the video down below:

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