Nazi zombies…if there’s been anything that’s been a mainstay in popular culture it’s Nazi zombies with games like Call of Duty featuring an entire game mode around the goose-stepping hordes and there was also a movie called Dead Snow which is absolutely hilarious in ways I assume the filmmakers didn’t intend, if you haven’t seen it I implore you to watch it. Love them or hate them they’re here to stay and Rebellion has seen fit to bring out another entry into their Nazi Killing Franchise in the form of Zombie Army 4: The Dead War.

Game Name: Zombie Army 4
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, PS4
Publisher(s): Rebellion Developments
Developer(s): Rebellion Developments
Release Date: February 4th, 2020
Price: £40

I like to put the Zombie Army games into the same category as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon where the developers had just finished making their latest and greatest in the franchise and now they have this engine and useable assets lying around so why not do something with it right? It’s always nice to see projects like this where devs get the chance to play around and quite often under these circumstances you can get something that’s just fun – nothing more or nothing less.


One thing I’ve always enjoyed about the Zombie Army games is that they are the ultimate unwind game, you hop on them, turn your brain off and just enjoy yourself. While the games all feature a story mode you’ll find that they’re all along the lines of a cheesy B movie because at the end of the day it’s about Nazi Zombies, you’re not exactly going to wring out Shakespeare from material like that so I appreciate that Rebellion understands that, they don’t want you to read into these games they just want you to have fun.

Of course with a game built around the simple task of mowing down hordes of zombies you always run the risk of your game becoming tedious, to Rebellion’s credit, there aren’t many moments in Zombie Army 4 that can be called a slog but they are there, such as the typical “defend this position from 5 waves of enemies” section that I doubt anyone really enjoys.

Zombie Army 4 is basically Sniper Elite 4 with Zombies so the gameplay doesn’t deviate much from that formula. Depending on the difficulty, your sniper rifle is either a hyper-accurate laser or it’s subject to the whims of the weather. For the most part, the Sniper Elite gameplay fits really well into the zombie-killing genre, the use of the slow-mo and the Xray cam give you the visceral gore you want in a zombie game.


In addition to your primary rifle, you have a secondary weapon which can be either an SMG or shotgun and you also have your sidearm. In terms of weapon handling the SMGs have a ridiculous amount of recoil and the shotguns have no real punch to them so using them over the sniper rifles seems rather pointless unless you’re surrounded which I guess is the point.

Each weapon type has its own special ability ranging from an armour piercing round for the snipers to speed reload and recoil control for the SMGs. The abilities build up charge from kills performed by the weapon in question so efficiency breeds success. In addition to different weapon types, you have upgrades for each weapon so you can customise how you play to some extent, a large amount of the upgrades are triggered at random, so more often than not the ability will trigger when you don’t need it to and doesn’t trigger when you do need it. Sod’s law of gaming right there.

Zombie Army 4 has based its look around a steampunk style with tons of gigantic tesla coil-like structures and soot-covered cities which as an art style I enjoy but this game does err on the side of muddy textures and eternal night which is an odd choice because if you look at Sniper Elite 4 it’s very colourful and it looks great. While I understand that the game can’t be sunny San Celini all the time, some variety would have been nice. Within the story of the game, you travel all around Europe and it all looks the same, the only distinct location I could remember was a zoo level that had subsections, trees in the enclosures and all in all it just looked nice. There’s a part where you go to actual hell and the characters had to tell me I was in hell before I realised I wasn’t in Italy anymore.

One place this game excels in the design department is in the design of the Zombies, each type of Zombie is visually distinct and easy to tell from a distance which type you’re going to be facing, which is quite the feat seeing as the game is mostly covered in fog. One of my personal favourites were the suiciders and the sight and sound of them sends shivers up your spine.

I’m going to put this bluntly, the sound in this game is obnoxious at the best of times. In matches where there are more than 1 player and the horde size is increased all you’ll be able to hear is just a mess of scraping metal and zombie cries which, to be fair, is to be expected from a shooting game but there’s something about the sound of the guns in Zombie Army 4 that rubs me up the wrong way, maybe it’s a personal thing. Zombie Army 4 also has the age-old problem where the voice actors are drowned out by the music of the game, I’ve never understood why at least 80% of games that come out have this basic issue but it’s nothing that a quick trip to the settings can’t fix.


Besides the issues mentioned above, the sound design is pretty good in this game. Every zombie has its own distinct sound and it’s fairly easy to tell what you’re going to face with little to no thought. There is a type of zombie in this game called the Screamer, think the Witch from Left 4 Dead but it looks like it’s covered in cordyceps from the Last of Us, the Screamer is blind and relies on sound to track its target. Quite often you won’t see a screamer as you’ll be rushing all around the place to get through the level but once you step into an area with a Screamer they let out a spine chilling scream as if to say “I’m here, so be quiet.”

At the end of the day, Zombie Army 4 is just a zombie game it doesn’t try to be more than that but it is a better effort than what you normally see. The campaign is surprisingly long and I wasn’t expecting this much content from this game and there’s more on the way with regards to seasons and events so while there isn’t a large community behind it there’s enough to keep the people who are playing busy. I find myself jumping on for a quick game if I want to kill time or relax so there’s a place for this game in everyone’s home as far as I’m concerned.

Review Disclosure Statement: [Zombie Army 4] was provided to us by Rebellion for review purposes. For more information on how we review video games and other media/technology, please go review our Review Guideline/Scoring Policy for more info.

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Zombie Army 4: The Dead War


A simple Zombie game to sit back and relax to while you split heads open like overripe watermelons, what’s not to love?


  • Full of content
  • Fun with friends
  • Easy to chill with
  • Fun gameplay


  • Can be repetitive
  • Poor base audio balancing
  • Lacks meaningful customisation and upgrades
  • Zombie Army 4: The Dead War

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