Yen Press Releases Six New Light Novels

New releases! Yen Press has announced that today they’ll be “finding homes” for these six new light novels which are as follows:

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, Vol. 9 (light novel)

Synopsis: Christmas is almost here, but everything Hachiman has wanted, everything he might have wished for, is gone. Ever since the student council elections, the Service Club members have been at an awkward standstill. Something is broken between them, but they gather in the clubroom with the hope that things will just go back to normal. That’s when Iroha Isshiki, the new student council president, brings in a request to help her with a joint Christmas event with another school. Hachiman decides to lend a hand, but not on behalf of the Service Club-he’ll do this one on his own.

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-, Vol. 12 (light novel)

Synopsis: As Subaru continues to repeat events in the Sanctuary, he finally encounters the one being he should never interact with no matter the cost: the Witch of Jealousy. When she appears, all the people he cares for and even the land itself are engulfed by a shadow completely obsessed with Subaru. His devastation only worsens when he learns the original purpose of the testing site known as the Sanctuary-while the entire world slides toward a pure-white end. Stubbornly hanging on to hope for a better future, Subaru returns to the tomb, desperate to reunite with the Witch within, even if there’s a terrible price to pay…

Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online, Vol. 6 (light novel)

Synopsis: One month after the third Squad Jam, Karen Kohiruimaki is starting to consider her options outside of GGO…but fate won’t let that happen! Out of the blue, past prizewinning SJ teams receive invitations to playtest a GGO game mode with an all-new objective: capture a base defended by hyperadvanced AI NPCs. As Llenn reluctantly agrees to participate in the hopes of fulfilling her promise of a rematch with SHINC, she can’t help but wonder: Just how challenging can these AI NPCs possibly be?

Dungeon Sword Oratoria LN 11

Synopsis: After her conflict with Bell, Aiz falls into a stupor as she questions the very reason she fights. Her heart heavy with a whirlpool of emotions and thoughts, she decides to face the young boy once again!

World’s Strongest Rearguard 2

Synopsis: Arihito and his party continue to soar up the ranks in the Labyrinth Country’s eighth district, and a chance encounter with the 117th Hidden God, Ariadne, has granted Arihito further enviable abilities as a powerful rearguard. The group prepares to move up to the seventh district, but then crisis strikes: A deadly monster stampede from the nearby labyrinth has turned the town into an impromptu battlefield! Can the top-ranked Arihito and his fellow Seekers slay the monsters and keep the people safe?!

Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!, Vol. 2 (light novel)

Synopsis: With the ultimate offensive magic finally under her belt, Megumin is off to Axel Town to start her adventure, and nothing will stand in her way! …Except poverty. A trip from the local Teleportation Station isn’t cheap, and the closest it can get her to Axel is Arcanletia, the city of water and hot springs. It looks like Megumin’s got her (part-time) work cut out for her. Thankfully, she can look forward to help from Yunyun-as well as a certain sect of devout lunatics!

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