It was announced via Twitter that Toonami intends to scale back to a 3-hour block running from 11:30 PM with the last show starting at 2:30 AM and ending at 3. Apparently, this was a decision that was being discussed for a while and now it seems that it is about to be executed.

Toonami usually starts at 11 PM which means that the anime block will now be starting 30 minutes later than normal. It usually ends at 4 AM which is now scaled back one hour. Toonami looks to remained unchanged in their schedule up to and including the week of February 22. The new, shorter lineup is scheduled to begin on February 29. February 22 is also the day that Toonami will air the final episode of Dr. STONE.

The announcement also stated that there are 6 shows in production for Toonami. Two of which are already known which are Uzumaki and Blade Runner: Black Lotus.


You can check out the tweet made by Senior Vice President and Creative Director Jason DeMarco below:

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