The 450 Wrestling Podcast is here, and with the return of Matt, the show is back at full power! Which is good because there’s a lot to talk about!

First up, Raw and Smackdown. Where they good? What match actually had Todd impressed in terms of the quality of the match itself? You might be surprised. And what about the “interesting” segment with Matt Hardy and Randy Orton? Or how about the “date” with Mandy Rose and Otis? Yeah, it was as bad as you expect.

Next up, NXT! The “go-home show” for Takeover Portland came and went, but what happened that mattered? Then, in AEW, they went “All Elite” with their matches, and you’ll see a lot of big star ratings here!


Finally, the guys talk all the news of the week! From the curious ratings between AEW and NXT, the “tampering” allegations of WWE from MLW and two possible “dream matches” named for Wrestlemania!

So get in the ring and join in on the action with the 450 Wrestling Podcast.

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