The 450 Wrestling Podcast is here once more, and while Todd and JJ may be down a man once again (Matt will be back! Promise!) they make up for it by having some spirited debate on all things wrestling!

First up, the guys talk Raw and Smackdown, and discuss the continued fallout from the Royal Rumble as well as the build towards Super Showdown! Are they excited for Brock Lesnar vs Ricochet? Or how about Goldberg versus The Fiend Bray Wyatt? What about the state of the tag team divisions, or the women’s divisions? You’ll want to here this!

Then, the guys dive into NXT and AEW. They break down the matches and discuss some of the more unique plotpoints of each. Including the promos of Matt Riddle (that JJ hates) the lashing of Cody Rhodes (which Todd found powerful) and more! Plus, who won the week in ratings?


Finally, they guys go around the wrestling world to talk news! Like Killer Cross signing with WWE, AEW may be getting EC3 if Chris Jericho is to be believed, the XFL might be good (yeah, we’re shocked too!) and more!

So get in the ring and jump in on the action with the 450 Wrestling Podcast!

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