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Square Enix cancels Final Fantasy VII Remake event in Japan over Coronavirus Concerns

As the Coronavirus concerns and hysteria ramps up, it seems more companies are taking notice and are responding to this epidemic. Now it would seem that following Sony PlayStation’s withdraw from PAX East 2020, Square Enix has canceled a Final Fantasy VII Remake event in Japan.

This event was scheduled for this upcoming weekend and would have featured a scavenger hunt that took place on a train, for Final Fantasy fans. Which sounds pretty cool, yet also a possible situation waiting to happen. Square Enix announced the cancelation via a Twitter post that you can see below.

It wouldn’t be the first event to be canceled to the Coronavirus concerns if it does. Facebook canceled its Global Market Summit, Disney closed down its Hong Kong resort, and the largest smartphone convention, Mobile World Congress was also canceled. The Coronavirus has also affected the production of the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch and also played a factor in the delay of The Outer Worlds for the Nintendo Switch.

It goes without saying that despite being frustrated about these cancelations, your health is more important. These events can be rescheduled, but you only get one life. Exercising caution in the face of an epidemic like this is the smart play, even if you aren’t a fan of the decision.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on April 10th, 2020, for the PlayStation 4.