Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass Volume 2

Sakurai Confirms Fighter Pass 2 Will Be Last DLC For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Despite being announced late last year, speculation has been running rampant about Fighter Pass 2 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. but just as important, many people have wondered if this would be the last pack of fighters for the game. In a column in Famitsu, Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai spoke at length on this subject and revealed the following (Thank you Nintendo Everything for the translation!).

Just like before, we’ll be bundling them together with stages and music – the party doesn’t stop! Though we’ve decided to make six more pieces of DLC, we do not have any plans to make more than that. My work on “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” will come to a close once those six fighters have been distributed.

So there you have it. Proof from the man himself that there is 6 fighters coming, and no more. But don’t think that this makes Sakurai said, he’s enjoyed doing these DLC characters a whole lot.

I’m not stuck in a rut because I continue to work on the same title – rather, I’m discovering new experiences and entertainment.

For example, that means while I’m thinking about the progress of the “Dragon Quest” DLC, I’m thinking about how to reveal the SNK stuff in an effective way! This job, I tell you – there really is nothing else like it. It’s a job where I get to condense my experiences, knowledge and studies of the history of gaming in real time… It’s an especially perfect fit for me. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: it’s truly an honor.

Sakurai also commented on the possibility of a new Smash Bros game after Ultimate. He notes that neither him nor Nintendo have current plans for it. But the possibility of this is not out of the question. But he does say…

And that’s why these upcoming six fighters are going to be extravagant additions.

There is no word on when we’ll find out about the first character in Fighter Pass 2, but more than likely it’ll be sooner rather than later.

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