RUMOR: New Batman Game Leaked

A new Batman game from WB Montreal game has allegedly leaked. Sources claim this new title will be a soft reboot separate from the Arkham series.

Supposedly, a sequel was considered to Batman: Arkham Knight and featured Bruce Wayne’s son Damian. Various creative differences and shifts in management prevented the project from seeing the light of day and it was cancelled before debuting at The Game Awards 2016.

According to a leak, this new Batman game will start a new “DC Game Universe” and release in the fall. It will also be made by Arkham series developers, Rocksteady. This new DC Game Universe will also supposedly include a Superman game but not share the same developer.

Info on the story and plot are unknown, but it’s rumored to have co-op (a first for the series) and include the “Batfamily”-various characters Bruce Wayne considers family and friends such as Robin, Batwoman, Batgirl, etc.

Lastly, this rumor seems very likely since WB Games Montreal tweeted a video on Batman Day in 2019 that the League of Shadow’s Demon Head. After months of silence, they then tweeted a picture of the GCPD. No new tweets or information has been given from them since, but it’s safe to assume this will lead to an official reveal trailer and will hint at the plot of the game.