Pokemon Twilight Wings

Pokemon Twilight Wings Releases Second Episode

The Pokemon franchise continues to grow in new and unexpected ways, and one of the ways it’s grown with the recent Pokemon Sword and Shield games is many fold. Nintendo announced that the games will get an expansion pass for the first time ever. But also, they are doing a new kind of animated series called Pokemon Twilight Wings for it.

While the main anime featuring Ash in Galar and beyond is still coming (and is airing in Japan right now), Pokemon Twilight Wings focuses on smaller stories in the Galar region that you likely wouldn’t see on that show. Episode 2 focuses on the fighting-type Gym Leader known as Bea, who in episode one of the series lost to Galar Champion Leon.

Stricken with grief over the loss, Bea heads to the Wild Area with her Pokemon and goes on a brutal training regimen in order to get tougher, even if it means getting hurt herself.

This is a very powerful story, and you need to experience it for yourself, you can watch it in full below.