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Pokemon Home’s Mobile App Gets Over 1 Million Downloads

Pokemon has been making all sorts of waves recently. The anime series is going strong and preparing for its next adventure, Twilight Wings has released its second episode (and become a thing of controversy in certain circles), Pokemon Sword and Shield is getting an Expansion Pass and is one of Switch’s best-sellers, and now, Pokemon Home has released on Switch and mobile platforms.

For those who don’t remember, Pokemon Home is a place where players can gather all 8 generations of Pokemon in one place. Which is even more vital now because of the lack of the National Dex in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

While the Switch version of the app doesn’t have any hard numbers associated with it just yet, the mobile version has gotten some numbers and they are surprising. Despite having lesser features compared to the Switch version, the mobile version has gotten 1.3 million downloads in just about a week, and has already grossed $1.8 million dollars for Nintendo.

Given that Pokemon Sword and Shield combined have sold over 16 million, that would mean just the mobile version covers about 1/16 of the fanbase, and we’d be shocked if the Switch version didn’t have at least twice the download numbers.

All in all, it seems that Pokemon Home is a success for Nintendo.