Nvidia GeForce Now

Now Bethesda has pulled their games from Nvidia’s GeForce Now

First, it was Activision who requested that Nvidia remove its games from their cloud gaming service, and after that, I wondered who’d be next. Well, it didn’t take Bethesda long to pull the same thing, also requesting Nvidia to yank their games as well. 

Oddly enough (well not really) this is also the second time that the inclusion of another publisher’s games has been stated as a mistake. Or at least, according to Nvidia.

Let’s be honest here, can we? We both know that this boils down to one thing; money. Neither publisher was happy that Nvidia suddenly provided gamers with a magical way to play their titles just about anywhere. Which doesn’t make much sense right? You’d think they’d want that since it would enable gamers to now buy the titles that they previously weren’t able to run on their PCs, laptops or even tablets. The kicker here is that neither company was seeing the money that Nvidia was pulling in and that’s what I feel is driving companies to get upset. 

As of the last glance, Nvidia’s GeForce Now had 1 million people signed up. Now, we don’t know which of those are paying accounts, but even a third of that is a nice chunk of change. Which is all going to Nvidia and zero to the publishers. Hopefully, Nvidia can work out some sort of deal that will get these games back onto the service. Otherwise, it would be just Bethesda, Activision and Capcom’s games that won’t be on the service.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service has been all the talk since it’s public release a few weeks back. And I feel that it’s easily the best when it comes to not just the PC gaming cloud gaming services, but out all of them. Despite losing a few games, there’s still plenty to choose from, plus CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 will be playable on day one. 

Don’t just take my word for it, sign up for a free account over at www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now and try it out for yourself. I think you’ll be pleased as punch.