Logitech and Herman Miller partner up to create gaming furniture

Seems the gaming world doesn’t stop for a second, even when I’m on my way to PAX East. The latest bit of news is that Logitech and chair maker Herman Miller have joined forces to create some most excellent gaming furniture. 

For those who don’t who Herman Miller is, all five of you, this is the company you turn to when you want the best of the best in terms of chairs. There aren’t many companies out there that can compare with them in terms of comfort. Now, with them joining forces with a company that knows a thing or two about gaming and performance, this seems like a match made in heaven. Also, one that’s not going to go easy on your bank account.

Logitech G is committed to creating the best gear for gamers. We make that possible through a unique collaboration process between our design and engineering teams, partners and our customers to translate needs and capabilities into products that gamers love,” said Peter Kingsley, Chief Marketing Officer at Logitech G. “Herman Miller was the obvious choice for us to partner with given their more than 100 years of expertise. Together we will deliver amazing products with advanced ergonomics, comfort and performance that gamers deserve.”

According to the press release, we can expect the first of many gaming chairs to be released this Spring 2020. And not just a gaming chair, but apparently the “world’s most advanced gaming chair”. I’m curious to see what they come up with and if it will be as expensive as Herman Miller’s current line-up is.