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Ed Boon Would Love Having Mortal Kombat In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate continues to be on the lips of the video game community, not the least of which is because when it comes to the mega-hit fighting game, there are still 6 characters waiting to be introduced. While Fighter Pack 1 is complete, Fighter Pack 2 is on its way, and the six new characters have already been selected, which leaves fans savoring for any clues as to what they might be. Ultimate has brought TONS of franchises together under one banner, but one that hasn’t been brought in yet from the fighting game genre is Mortal Kombat.

Not that fans haven’t asked for it mind you, the idea of someone like Scorpion or Sub-Zero being in the game has been asked for. But in terms of likelihood, it’s unclear. Mature characters like Solid Snake and Bayonetta has been brought into Smash Bros, but could Mortal Kombat characters? And would the team even be up for that kind of thing?

Yes, apparently they would be. In an interview, Ed Boon talked about what it would be like to have an MK character in Smash Bros.

“For me personally (I can’t speak for all of Warner Bros or anything), that would be kind of like a stamp of approval,” said Boon while speaking to Shack News. “It’d be like being part of the gang and all that stuff. I would love to see that.”

So there you go, Boon is up for it, but he did make it clear that Nintendo hasn’t reached out to them about this or anything. Thus, whether this actually happens is uncertain. But a lot of “no way” characters have made it in Super Smash Bros in the past, so why not this?

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