As always, the Super Bowl is full of surprises, mostly when it comes to advertisements. This year, the new streaming service Disney+ chose to highlight three new shows that will be coming out from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We got to see some quick scenes from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wandavision, as well as a brief look at Loki.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks like we all expected it to. Sam Wilson taking on Captain America’s shield, trying to fill in the void Steve Rogers left. Bucky will work with him, though we do see a pretty intense scene with Helmut Zemo (played again by Daniel Brühl). Aerial fights, shoot-outs, scenes in hallways — looks like a pretty typical military hero show.


Probably the biggest surprise is Wandavision. We knew it was going to be a weird show where Wanda, aka Scarlett Witch, was going to create an alternate reality where Vision lives. However, it looks like that alternate reality is going to be fragmented into parodies of major family sitcom tropes. We get clear looks at a Leave it to Beaver style one from the 1950s, a Brady Bunch style 1960s, a big-haired 1980s one, I’m guessing a 1990s style one where Wanda is in her “traditional” costume, and sort of weird in-between state.

We also get the barest of teasers for Loki, with Tom Hiddleston looking ominously at the camera in some sort of jumpsuit, saying, “I’m going to burn this place to the ground.” We know that Loki will be the last of the new Marvel shows to come out, so this might be the only footage we see for a while. Well, except that truly excellent Instagram post Hiddleston posted about how training for that was going:

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Prep is going really well. #Loki

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Both The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wandavision are set to premiere sometime in 2020.


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