Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass Volume 2

Did Sakurai Just Tease When We’ll Find Out The Next Smash Bros DLC Character?

To say that people love Super Smash Bros Ultimate would honestly be an insult to the game. It’s one of the best sellers on the Nintendo Switch despite only being a year or so old, and with the DLC packs, the hype and love for the game continues to grow. Fighter Pack 1 has been completed, and now Fighter Pack 2 has begun in regards to speculation. The only question becomes…when are we going to find out who is the first DLC character?

Ironically, we might have unintentionally gotten the answer to that. In a column on Famitsu (translated by Nintendo Everything), Masahiro Sakurai (one of the creators of Smash Bros) made a very curious note about said Fighter Pack 2:

All that aside, I announced during the same presentation that I’d start development on the next wave of DLC fighters, which I’ll go into some more during the next column. See you the week after next!!

Now it’s true that he could just be talking about how he’ll break down the prep for these Fighter Packs, but given that we haven’t had a Nintendo Direct yet in 2020 (despite numerous reports saying we would…) it’s possible we could get the first reveal trailer by “week after next”.

Who do YOU want to be introduced as the first Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character of Fighter Pack 2? Let us know in the comments below!