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Coronavirus Gaming Woes – Spectator Mode Podcast Episode 51

Welcome back to another episode of the Spectator Mode Podcast. 

On this week’s show, we talk about the Coronavirus has been causing all sorts of gaming-related issues. First Sony PlayStation pulls out of PAX East 2020, then GDC 2020. What’s next is the question that’s in the back of our minds. We also have some questions regarding Ninja’s recent “weak mindset” rant. As always, our thoughts and opinions and ours alone.


00:00 Intro & Games we’ve played this week
12:25 How has the Coronavirus impacted the gaming industry
22:20 Geoff Keighley pulls out of E3 2020
36:00 Ninja’s “weak mindset” rant
50:45 Bonus round – Dragon Ball Fighterz and Street Fighter V patch talk

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