Bungie is Hiring for a Brand New IP

Destiny, Halo, Oni, Myth, and Marathon. Bungie has an impressive track record when it comes to their IP, even if they don’t tap into their backlog anymore. Recently, the acclaimed developer posted several incubation positions for roles such as an Art Director, design, and UI all for building and prototyping a new IP that is “something comedic with lighthearted and whimsical characters,” according to the Incubation Art Director listing.

On June, 1st, 2018, Bungie announced a $100 million patnership deal with Chinese publisher NetEase. While they’ve been quiet on exactly what that partnership is building towards, many speculated that Bungie used that initial investment to buy Destiny’s publishing rights back from Activision last January.

While this is a possibility, back in October of 2018, Bungie trademarked something called MATTER, believed to be the title that the NetEase deal was made for.

The only other exciting clue to add to this puzzle until Bungie lays out the rest of the pieces is Christopher Barrett’s Twitter account. At the time of writing this article, Chris’s Twitter bio reads “[Redacted] Game Director @Bungie.” Chris’ most recent credits at the studio include Game Director on Destiny’s House of Wolves and Rise of Iron expansions, as well as countless Art and Art Director credits ranging from Destiny 1 to Halo Combat Evolved and going as far back as Myth II back in 1998.

What could Bungie be working on? Is their new game the trademarked Matter or something else? Whatever it is, fans of Destiny have nothing to worry about. Bungie has committed to making sure that Destiny thrives for years to come and to expand into being a studio that can deliver multiple IP at once.