Batterystaple, known for the Mega Man-esque Roguelike 20XX announced today that the sequel, 30XX is in development!

Ace and Nina return in 30XX which will feature vibrant pixel art this time around. Glauber Kotaki, an animator from games such as Rogue Legacy, Duelyst, and Chasm will be heading up the artwork on this title.

This time around, Ace and Nina will have their own unique playstyles. For example, Ace has lightning-fast techniques that are mapped to the controller versus only having to pick three powers as was the case in 20XX. Nina, on the other hand, doesn’t just steal a defeated boss’ weapon. She can combine weapons with the Power Fusion system causing a massive array of unique abilities to be at her disposal!


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While there were 8 bosses in 20XX, there were only 4 level themes with 2 bosses sharing the same theme. In 30XX, there will be 8 unique themes for each boss each with platforming mechanics, vicious foes, and rockin’ music!

Things such as roguelike progression, items, powerups, difficulty, and challenges have undergone massive overhauls. The team said there is more content than just that but are leaving it a mystery for now!

While a release date hasn’t been set, it was noted that a friends and family alpha is coming later this year! In addition, a trailer for the game was also released which you can check out below!


Lastly, the game will be playable at PAX East 2020. Which mean if you’re to the convention which takes place from February 27 – March 1, 2020, then you’ll be able to check it out.

Make sure you follow the progress of 30XX! You can do so via the following methods:

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