Since the beginning of the year, Nintendo fans have been wanting a Nintendo Direct, especially in light of the fact that there hasn’t been a lot of game announcements for what’s coming this year. We know of a few games, but not a lot. Since then, we’ve gotten a Smash Bros Direct that revealed Byleth as DLC, a Pokemon Direct that showcased the upcoming expansion pass for the title, and now, Nintendo has revealed…an Animal Crossing Direct.

The Direct was revealed on Nintendo’s Twitter handle, and stated that it will be roughly 25 minutes and focus on the “Nook Inc Deserted Island Getaway Package”.

Fans are a bit mixed on this announcement. On one hand, Animal Crossing New Horizons is coming next month and is Nintendo’s biggest title of the year so far, and them doing a Direct about the game makes sense. However, this doesn’t solve the larger 2020 problem, and with this announcement, the drought between Nintendo Directs gets even longer.


Regardless, we’ll report all the news from the game when the Animal Crossing Direct arrives on Thursday. For our most recent thoughts on the lack of a full Nintendo Direct, check out the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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