Animal Crossing New Horizons Gets Loads Of New Details

While much of Nintendo’s plans for 2020 is shrouded in mystery, one thing we definitively have a date for is Animal Crossing New Horizons. The game will launch on March 20th, and today, a special Animal Crossing Direct was released to highlight the game and the various things you can do in it, as well as what’s coming next via updates and new features.

The video reiterated all the things that fans have heard about the game over the last year. You’ll be on your own deserted island thanks to Nook Inc., and you’ll be able to build up on it, craft it how you want, and make it your home. You’ll also be able to fly to other islands in order to get inspiration and hang out with friends.

8 friends can be on your island at once, and you’ll be able to not just hang out with them, but take pictures, and even do co-op play. The Direct also revealed tons of new features that will be coming to the game through free updates, including a mobile app called Nook Link that’ll let you connect even more with other players.

Finally, the Direct did a FAQ section and gave updates on the lost save data situation, Amiibo support, and more. You can check out the full Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct below.