Similar to an image they teased in September, Warner Bros. Games Montréal posted a vague sigil/logo to their social media channels on Thursday seemingly soft-confirming the Court of Owls theme for their next Batman project.


Posted with the caption “Capture the Knight,” the images on their Twitter and Instagram (when combined together) depict some kind of never-before-seen sigil. Eagle-eyed players (Or I suppose, Owl-eyed?) were able to quickly combine the two images to create the full image, its appearance akin to that of a law enforcement badge. Other than the iconography itself, there’s no written words found in the image, leading to the Court of Owls speculation since the image has been posted.

Pair this new sigil with the images shared in September, it’s a safe bet to speculate that this will be the new Court of Owls sigil, or at least something related to it. The images shared earlier this year focused on four other distinct sigils, potentially connected to the Talons. The Talons are an ancient group of assassins associated with the Court of Owls that’s tasked with eliminating the enemies of the Court. The Court of Owls itself is an Illuminati-like cult in the Batman universe, older than Gotham City itself, that’s said to operate in the shadows and influences Gotham’s society.


The Court of Owls and the Talons are fierce adversaries of Batman in the comics, so it’ll be interesting to see how they’re portrayed in this next Batman game. More than likely, if these theories ring true, we’ll be seeing a much more graphic entry in WB’s Batman games when you consider the comics material the Court of Owls is based on. Hopefully we’ll even get a fight akin to the Deathstroke battle in Batman: Arkham Origins, but with Talon. For now, we’ll just have to patiently wait until an official trailer drops.

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