Funimation announced that it will be bringing the first Violet Evergarden movie to U.S. theaters for a limited-time run. The movie’s official title is Violet Evergarden I: Eternity of and the Auto Memory Doll. While there is no concrete date set yet, Funimation has stated that they are aiming for an “early 2020” release.

The film premiered in Japanese theaters back in September 2019 while Germany and Australia received the film in December 2019. The film ended up being highly popular in Japan and its theater run was extended back in October 2019.

Funimation describes the first movie as follows:


The film is a gaiden side story of the Violet Evergarden anime series that chronicles another of Violet’s adventures. The movie brings with it all of the dramatic trimmings of the highly-celebrated anime, as well as Kyoto Animation’s beautiful sakuga and emotional character storytelling.

The television anime the film is based on was produced by Kyoto Animation and ran from January to April 2018, spanning 13 episodes.

Source: Crunchyroll

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