Nintendo fans have been waiting for a new Nintendo Direct for some time now. As the last one they had was in September 2019. But to the surprise of all, today Nintendo announced that there would be a Pokemon Direct coming on the 9th. What’s more, this Pokemon Direct would be 20 minutes long, making it the longest Pokemon Direct in history.

This is a curious move by Nintendo for numerous reasons. First and foremost is that the 2020 lineup of 1st and 3rd party titles isn’t that clear. We only know a handful of exclusives coming to the system, with the biggest for 1st party being Xenoblade Chronicles Remastered and Animal Crossing New Horizons. Now it’s true that this Direct could bring a new Pokemon title to the mix for the Switch, making it the 3rd year in a row that they’ve had a major Pokemon title on the console, but others aren’t so sure.

Many feel, and fear, that they are going to dedicate the time to talk about side Pokemon games and projects, like Pokemon Masters. Only time will tell.


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