Sources Say Taika Waititi Might Be Making a Star Wars Movie

Ah, the rumor mill, how it does buzz. The Hollywood Reporter has released word from an unnamed source that director Taika Waititi is in talks with Disney to develop a new film for the Star Wars franchise.

Now, of course, nothing’s been confirmed by Disney or Waititi, with The Hollywood Reporter having reached out for comment. Of course, this choice for director would make sense. Waititi knocked it out of the park with his space opera Thor: Ragnarok, and worked on The Mandalorian. So all signs point to it being in the realm of possibility.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. Star Wars, and Kathleen Kennedy in particular, has a history of hiring cool, big name directors and then firing them or pushing to to leave. It happened to Solo, with directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord getting booted, as well as Colin Trevorrow being removed from Rise of Skywalker. All I am saying is that even if it is true, and Waititi is going to be working on the next film, don’t trust it til you’ve got the ticket in hand and your butt is in that movie seat.

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