Persona 5 Scramble Brings the Power in Newest Trailer

ATLUS and Omega Force is bringing the fan service to Persona 5 with its newest trailer for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. Oh how marvelous it is.


UPDATE: Added Subtitled Version from Lettuce Sauce

The games takes places few months after the events of Persona 5. The gang meets up again to plan a Summer vacation outing. However incidents have been happening in which Shadows have been stealing peoples hearts, the Phantom Thieves MO. Investigator Zenkichi Hasegawa suspects them Phantoms Thieves and  believes they are placing their victims in “Jails”. Not Palaces like in the main game. With these jails, they are watched over by powerful Shadows known as Masters.

Here in this trailer, it appears that Zenkichi is collaborating with the Phantom Thieves to solve this case. We see more of the bosses such as Shadow Alice in Shibuya with her glitzy and flamboyant appearance, at Sendai with Shadow Ango as a Golden Dragon, and Sapporo with Shadow Mariko as a Snow Queen.

A new enemy that appears is that it seems that there will be a Shadow version of Joker that the group will face. Eagle Eyed fans may reference this to a similar character of Sho Minazuki of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.


We see more gameplay from the different characters in the different locations and now confirmed that Lavenza of the Velvet Room will return to assist Joker with Persona Fusion. We also see that Joker will be handling the item shop called Jokers Kitchen. Lastly, we see a new Persona which seems to be for Zenkichi. The Persona also utilizes chains in similar fashion to Jokers’ Arsene, keeping with the theme of emancipation of the main game. All this  while hearing a new remix version of “Rivers in the Desert“.

A funny detail to notice is while revealing the title at the end, for a moment it said P52 before changing into P5S. Guessing ATLUS and Omega Force unofficially confirms that this is the sequel to the main game. In similar styles like Final Fantasy X-2.

To think that at first reveal, many had reservations of this spin off title. But now, in Phantom Thieves fashion, it manages to change and steal our hearts. What’s even better is in the next two days, ATLUS will continue to release information on this game.

Persona 5 Scramble : The Phantom Strikers will be released on February 20, 2020 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch for Japan. No word yet in regards to a Western release.

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