This anime is about catgirls and it’s called Nekopara.


What more do you want for an intro? This isn’t exactly Hitler’s master plan (what it takes to be a man) here. (I love Sublime!)

Let’s Go!

First Episode Synopsis

I’m really at a loss as to what to type here. My short (and hopefully grin-cracking) intro pretty much summarized what this first episode was about. I mean it did introduce us to all of our characters with delicious names like Chocola, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Azuki, etc, etc. It did establish that they rotate working at a patisserie called La Soleil.

And that’s about it!


The major “story” point is that Chocola runs into a kitten on her way home to eat some fish. She feeds it some colored chocolate, picks up the ingredients she needs and gets followed by the kitten. That’s where our episode ends.

And that’s it. It’s just cat girls being cats working at a patisserie. Again, not exactly Hitler’s master plan here.

Worth Watching?

MAYBE – I’m giving this a maybe because it all depends on your tastes. If you want an anime about cute cat girls being cats in a slice-of-life situation where you can just turn your brain off, sit back, and go “hehe they’re cats” then this is probably going to be Anime of the Year for you. If that’s not your thing then this will probably be a hard pass for you. For me, I like cat girls! Therefore, when I’m done wracking my brain in ID:INVADED, getting hyped in Boku no Hero Academia, facepalming at the filler arc in Boruto, laughing at Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, and all of the other anime I’m watching, I’ll enjoy sitting back, turning my brain off and watching this all while going “hehe they’re cats!”

This show did get some flak from another website that shall remain nameless over the sexuality in this show which baffles me because even though I never played it, I knew this anime was based on a hentai game. For those who are unaware… hentai = pervert. Hentai also means eroge. Eroge = erotic.

In case you can’t piece that together….




So yes… there are some moments of kneading each other’s stomachs, bending over to see their tight pants perfectly mold themselves around their… “ahem” … “pussy.” (See what I did there?). There’s even dialogue about getting wet… so yeah. It’s keeping some of the riskier stuff in there without going full-on hentai because I doubt Japan could air that on television.

To dog the show (wow, I am just full of dad puns today) based on its sexuality is just a cry for attention in a poor attempt to be controversial, in my opinion. Simply put… if you like catgirls with some sexual innuendo and nothing else. Have at this. If you’re watching for the plot… then you’re betting off watching a cheap Skinemax porno.

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